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The B12 Auto Dash redesign represents a groundbreaking project aimed at replacing outdated legacy marketing tools with a cutting-edge, streamlined platform specifically tailored for the automotive industry.
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Idea Refinement and Validation

As the lead UX designer, my initial task was to thoroughly assess the existing legacy systems that were primarily built using ColdFusion. This phase involved identifying key features that were essential for the new platform and understanding the limitations of the old system that users found cumbersome or obsolete. The evaluation was meticulous, involving feedback sessions and system usability tests to ensure no critical functionality was overlooked.

The insights gained from this comprehensive analysis informed the foundation of our design philosophy for the Auto Dash. It was clear that the new platform needed to not only enhance the user experience but also incorporate flexibility to adapt to future needs and technologies. This foresight was crucial in planning a system that could evolve with changing market demands and technological advancements.

my tools

The tools I used on this project...


The Marketing Manager

  • Tech-savvy, and always on the lookout for tools that can simplify his daily tasks while delivering robust insights
  • Needs a dashboard that allows them to design and monitor campaigns
  • Platform should provide actionable insights based on AI analytics to optimize customer engagement


The Data Analyst

  • Requires a powerful platform for importing and preparing large sets of data
  • Ability to run predictive models and segment the customer base effectively
  • Ability to draw quick visual insights are crucial for her daily operation

the challenge

Uncovering Core Business Needs

The most daunting challenge in the project was the transformation of a 28-page document filled with complex requirements into a functional and visually appealing user interface. The document, lacking in visual guides like wireframes, was dense with technical descriptions and user wish lists, which needed to be deciphered and crafted into a coherent design.

My approach involved breaking down the document into manageable sections, prioritizing features based on their impact on user experience, and iteratively designing prototypes. This method allowed for continual testing and refinement, ensuring that the final design not only met but exceeded user expectations.

the approach

Design Driven Strategy in Action

The development of Auto Dash was marked by a collaborative approach where stakeholder and customer feedback played a central role. I engaged with key users from major clients like Nationwide through in-depth interviews to extract detailed requirements and expectations. These interactions were invaluable, providing direct insights that shaped the development trajectory of the Auto Dash.

This user-centric approach helped in aligning the technical development with practical, real-world use cases. It ensured that the features we were developing were not just theoretically sound but also immensely valuable to our users. By prioritizing features based on direct feedback, we could focus our efforts on functionalities that offered the highest return on engagement and usability.

the results

Overcoming Hurdles of Legacy

The launch of the redesigned Auto Dash marked a significant milestone for B12. It was instrumental in demonstrating the company’s capability to innovate and adapt, culminating in the successful acquisition by the Porch Group. The platform set new benchmarks for user engagement, with features that provided predictive insights previously unavailable to our clients.

Post-launch feedback was overwhelmingly positive, reflecting a significant uptick in user satisfaction and engagement. The Auto Dash has since become a flagship product for B12, exemplifying our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive real business outcomes. Its success has not only validated our user-centric design approach but also reinforced our market position as a leader in innovative marketing solutions.


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