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Muzes’s Disruptive Social Approach to Procurement and Cold-Calling with Salesguard

This detailed case study explores the unique challenges, strategic approaches, and collaborative successes of, emphasizing its cutting-edge features such as the SalesGuard module and AI-assisted questionnaire builder, which redefine industry standards.
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Idea Refinement and Validation

In early 2020, Seun Akinniranye, CEO and founder of Muzes, transitioned from a secure sales position at BetterHelp to address a pressing issue in the sales domain: the arduous process of cold calling for lead generation. From personal experiences and extensive ideation, Seun envisioned a digital sales tool to streamline the cumbersome and complex procurement process. Muzes integrates various procurement stages into a unified, efficient platform, including risk assessments, compliance checks, feature and function evaluations, and license management.

The MVP, SalesGuard, introduces a unique buyer-vendor matching system akin to LinkedIn’s job posting model, powered by an AI-assisted questionnaire builder for RFI and RFP processes.

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The tools I used on this project...


The Buyer

  • Needs:  Collaborate and purchase software quickly
  • Frustrations:  Too many apps and long response times
  • Goals: Shorten time-to-buy and manage process on one platform


The Vendor

  • Needs:  Find buyers quickly and eliminate cold calling
  • Frustrations:  Waisting time on cold-calls that lead to no sales
  • Goals: Target customers who are looking to purchase

the challenge

The Challenge in Developing Muzes

The primary challenge in the development of lay in its ambitious goal: to overhaul the traditionally lengthy and complicated procurement process. The conventional method of procurement involves numerous stages—from lead generation and vendor evaluation to compliance checks, contract negotiations, and license management—each fraught with potential delays and inefficiencies.

The challenges:

  • Translating an abstract concept into a tangible, functional product
  • Junior team training and alignment as well as  process redefinition
  • Aligning a diverse team of engineers, lawyers, financial experts, and procurement advisors with the project’s UX and design vision.
  • Expert team with traditional habits occasionally hindered the innovative thinking required not just a change in methodology but also a shift in mindset.

the approach

User Experience for AI?

Determining the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for Muzes involved identifying the essential features that would deliver immediate value to users while laying a foundation for future expansions. This task was complicated by the broad range of potential functionalities and the need to prioritize them effectively. The challenge was to distill the essence of Muzes into an MVP that could convincingly demonstrate its value proposition to early adopters, without overwhelming development resources or diluting the focus on core procurement solutions.

Integrating AI to assist in the RFI and RFP processes was a novel approach that promised to enhance the platform’s efficiency and user experience significantly. However, leveraging AI in a way that felt intuitive to users, while also delivering accurate and useful results, posed a substantial technical and design challenge. This innovation required a delicate balance between technological capabilities and user expectations, ensuring that the AI components were not only powerful but also accessible and easy to use for procurement professionals.

the results

The Ideal All-In-One Procurement Solution

The development of represents a significant advancement in procurement, showcasing how strategic product design and superior UX can revolutionize complex systems. This project exemplifies the power of combining visionary leadership with innovative technology to enhance global organizational processes. has demonstrated its ability to transform procurement by streamlining vendor selection and contract management. This platform not only speeds up decision-making but also enhances transparency and efficiency in vendor relations, significantly improving procurement outcomes.


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