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When you want to inspire say it with DeskNote. Create your own personal digital desk card and send handwritten notes straight from your iPad. DeskNote is reviving the art of the desk card, one handwritten note at a time. Great for recognizing high performing teams, exceptional performance, and going the extra mile… personal is powerful.


– Experience a beautifully intuitive interface crafted specifically for Apple iPad and Apple Pencil.

– Use the Apple Pencil to create an accurate representation of your handwriting in different styles including pencil, fountain pen, marker, and more!

– Share your DeskNotes in any app where you can send an image including email, text messages, Slack, Teams, AirDrop, social media, and more.

– Unlimited colors to match your brand and unlock your creativity.

– Customize the 4×6 digital card stock with different colors and borders to make it uniquely yours.

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