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Spearheading the Digital Dining Revolution with Outback Steakhouse’s Online Ordering System

Spearheading the Digital Dining Revolution, this project enhances Outback Steakhouse's online ordering system, streamlining customer experiences with digital innovations that allow for swift and convenient ordering from anywhere.


Idea Refinement and Validation

In this case study, we explore the introduction of online ordering at Outback Steakhouse, spearheaded by my role as the Lead UX Researcher and Designer. Collaborating with Bloomin’ Brands, the parent company of Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, and Bonefish Grill, I was tasked with designing and implementing a user-friendly online ordering system. This project aimed to streamline the customer experience by integrating digital innovations that allow for ordering from anywhere, swiftly and conveniently.

my tools

The tools I used on this project...


The Corporate Planner


  • Arrange catering for company meetings smoothly and efficiently.
  • Schedule pick-ups to align perfectly with meeting times.
  • Ensure the food is prepared on time and is of high quality.

Pain Points:

  • Difficulty in scheduling precise pick-up times that align with meeting schedules.
  • Finding locations that can handle large orders and have availability when needed.
  • Ensuring the order process is quick and the order details are accurate.


The Suburban Homeowner


  • Easily find the nearest service location that can deliver to his home.
  • Verify delivery options without needing to call or visit in person.
  • Complete the order process quickly and efficiently from his device.

Pain Points:

  • Frustration when nearby locations do not offer delivery to his address.
  • Difficulty in finding alternative locations that do deliver without additional help.
  • Websites that do not update real-time availability and delivery options.

the challenge

Overcoming Integration Hurdles

The main challenge was to integrate an online ordering system that was fast, easy to use, and accessible from any location without compromising the authentic dining experience associated with Bloomin’ Brands’ restaurants. Additionally, it was crucial to ensure the system could seamlessly integrate with existing processes without disrupting in-restaurant operations or the quality of service.

There was also the challenge of tailoring the online ordering system to support different franchise capabilities, such as partnering with delivery services like GrubHub or employing their delivery personnel.

the approach

Strategic Design and Customer Focus

The approach began with a thorough customer development exercise to question and understand core business assumptions and identify customer needs. This phase helped define the essential features of the online ordering system. Personas were created to better understand the user demographics, preferences, and expectations.

The design process focused on creating an intuitive online ordering terminal where customers could browse menus, specify order details, make payments, and track their orders in real time. Special attention was given to verify delivery eligibility upfront to avoid customer frustration at the order completion stage.

the results

Successful Implementation and Future Insights

The online ordering system was successfully launched in late 2016 and met with positive customer reception. It addressed the convenience factor effectively, allowing customers to enjoy their meals without needing to dine in. The system proved particularly foresightful ahead of the pandemic, highlighting the importance of adaptability in restaurant operations. The pilot’s success has provided valuable insights into customer preferences and operational flexibility, setting a benchmark for future digital initiatives within Bloomin’ Brands and potentially across the broader restaurant industry.


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