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How V12’s E-Commerce Strategy for Selling Data is Transforming the Self-Service Industry

This UX case study delves into how V12’s innovative B12 product platform and self-service data marketplace are revolutionizing customer interactions and data purchasing behaviors, setting new standards in the digital marketplace.


Idea Refinement and Validation

As a leader in marketing management, V12 Data has been instrumental in delivering precise insights into mover data. Powered by Porch technology, V12 not only offers personalized marketing campaigns but also enables extensive data management through its B12 product platform. This case study dives into the UX challenges and successes I encountered while enhancing V12’s self-service capabilities, aiming to modernize and streamline the customer experience across multiple service applications.

As the digital landscape becomes increasingly data-driven, V12’s initiative to enhance user accessibility and efficiency positions them at the forefront of the technological revolution in data services. My role involved dissecting complex user interactions and transforming them into a more intuitive and engaging customer journey. Through this process, I’ve gained invaluable insights into the balance required between technological advancement and user-friendliness. The project has been a profound learning experience, emphasizing the critical role of UX design in the success of technology-driven businesses.

my tools

The tools I used on this project...


The Marketing Manager


  • To understand customer demographics and purchasing behaviors to tailor marketing campaigns
  • To streamline the process of data acquisition for quicker campaign adjustments


  • Needs An intuitive, easy-to-navigate data marketplace where she can quickly obtain targeted data sets
  • Needs Real-time analytics that can be directly applied to adjust ongoing campaigns


The Data Scientist


  • To acquire precise and detailed data to build predictive models for customer behavior
  • To enhance the personalization of financial products offered to clients


  • Access to a robust data marketplace with detailed filtering capabilities
  • Assurance of data integrity and continuous updates to maintain the relevance of his models

the challenge

The Challanges of Selling Data Online

The main challenge at V12 was the fragmented nature of its service offerings. Customers faced a convoluted journey, navigating through various tools for different tasks, which led to inefficiencies and a cumbersome data purchasing process. The existing system necessitated lengthy interactions with service representatives, which was time-consuming and often led to frustration. The objective was to devise a more cohesive and streamlined platform that allowed users to manage their data needs more autonomously and efficiently.

This fragmentation not only hindered operational efficiency but also impaired users’ ability to effectively leverage data insights, which is essential in the rapidly evolving market environments where V12 operates. My task was to simplify this complexity and create a more unified and efficient experience. As I delved deeper into the project, it became clear that improving user experience was not just about aesthetics but fundamentally about making powerful data more accessible and actionable for all users.

the approach

Untangling Complex Data Attributes

My strategy was straightforward yet impactful: simplify and integrate. Through extensive user research, including interviews and usability testing, I pinpointed the major pain points in the customer journey. My approach focused on designing a unified platform that facilitated seamless transitions between purchasing, managing, and renewing data.

This included developing an intuitive interface for the data marketplace, enabling customers to customize and buy data sets without external help, and integrating these capabilities with V12’s existing AI-driven auto dashboard for enhanced predictive analytics. Additionally, the design incorporated flexible tools that allowed for easy adaptation to varying customer needs, ensuring a versatile platform that could evolve with changing market demands and user preferences. The integration aimed to not only simplify the user experience but also to harness the power of data to drive better business decisions.

his project required a deep understanding of both the technical aspects of the platforms and the real-world applications of the data being handled. As I worked on this project, it became increasingly evident that effective UX design could significantly enhance both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

the results

Blueprint for A User-Centric Data Platform

The redesign of the B12 product platform and its integrated data marketplace dramatically transformed how customers interact with V12’s services. The new platform not only reduced initial customer service contacts by 30% but also significantly boosted user engagement and satisfaction. Customers now have the ability to modify and optimize their marketing campaigns based on real-time analytics provided by the auto dashboard, leading to more targeted and effective marketing efforts. The integration of these platforms provided dual benefits: a beautiful, cohesive user experience and a robust, data-driven backend that informs smarter business decisions.

As I reflect on the project, the feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive, affirming the importance of our design changes. The enhanced platform not only meets the current needs of our users but also sets the stage for future innovations, ensuring that V12 remains at the cutting edge of the data services sector.


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