National Business Midmarket CX Strategy

Streamlining AT&T’s National Business Customer Experience in the Mid Market

his case study focuses on the strategic initiatives undertaken by AT&T’s National Business division to elevate the customer experience for mid-market clients. It explores the challenges, strategies, and outcomes of implementing a comprehensive customer experience transformation aimed at improving self-service capabilities, customer education, and seamless service integration.


Idea Refinement and Validation

AT&T’s commitment to revolutionizing its network infrastructure embodies a proactive shift from traditional copper networks to advanced fiber optics and 5G technology. This transition is not merely a technological upgrade but a strategic redefinition aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The initiative reflects a broader strategy to adapt to changing market dynamics and consumer expectations in the telecommunications industry.

Identified areas of improvement in Online Customer Education, Self-Service sales and business Processes, and Automated Support and Account Services.
1. Make AT&T’s array of business solutions readily accessible to potential clients
2. Implement simple self-service processes and automatic bundling.
3. Merge client pre-qualifications into one seamless workflow that applies to all services
4. Aim to create a seamless customer experience that is completely autonomous with little agent
intervention or assistance.

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the challenge

Streamlining Customer Engagement Processes

In 2020, we saw a significant decrease in the amount of business customers who signed up for services with AT&T due to the lack of self-service avenues, confusing information around needs and usage and a lack of personalized options to meet the client needs. Today, LBGUPS customer journey requires a hands-on approach.

The primary challenge AT&T faced was managing the delicate balance between phasing out its extensive legacy copper network and scaling up its more efficient and robust fiber and 5G networks. This shift required substantial capital investment and strategic planning to ensure continuity of service and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, AT&T aimed to streamline its product portfolio and reduce operational complexities, which involved significant changes in its business processes and customer service approach.

the approach

Exploring Opportunities for a Technological Shift

I focused on developing customer personas, which are critical to our design thinking methodology. This began with gathering a diverse set of data, including demographic information, customer feedback, and interaction logs. I organized collaborative workshops where cross-functional teams, including marketing, sales, and customer service representatives, contributed their insights and experiences. By using techniques such as empathy mapping, we delved into the motivations, needs, and frustrations of different customer segments. This exercise helped us create detailed, realistic personas that represented our customer base, ranging from tech-savvy early adopters to more traditional users who might be resistant to change.

The LBGUPS (Learn, Buy, Get, Use, Pay, Support) customer journey model involves various stages of customer interaction from initial learning about a product or service to using and paying for it, and finally receiving ongoing support.

In parallel, I conducted a thorough review of our internal processes to identify areas for improvement that could enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. I led sessions on process mapping, where we visually outlined each step of the customer journey from initial contact through post-sale support. These mappings highlighted redundancies, bottlenecks, and gaps in our processes that could potentially hinder customer satisfaction.

the results

Leveraging Consistent Go-to-Market Operational and Digital Strategies

We achieved our goal of Improving the customer experience for National Business by leveraging all communication avenues including but not limited to digital web, chat, SMS and voice. In the end, our goal was to be THE trusted Advisors to our customers and provide them with the North star of customer experiences across all their LBGUPS stages and provide them with the tools they need to make informed decisions .

  • Operational Efficiency: The reduction in legacy systems and the transition to a simplified product portfolio significantly decreased operational complexities and costs.
  • Customer Experience Enhancement: The shift to fiber and 5G not only improved the quality of connectivity but also enabled AT&T to offer new and innovative services that enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • Financial Performance: The cost savings from these initiatives were substantial, allowing AT&T to invest in further network enhancements and new technology deployments. By the end of 2021, AT&T had realized over $3 billion in cost savings, contributing positively to its EBITDA growth.
  • Market Positioning: By embracing advanced technologies and streamlining its service offerings, AT&T reinforced its market position as a leader in telecommunications, capable of meeting the dynamic needs of modern businesses and consumers.

    *On the right: This is the Salesforce digital lead improvement initiative. This solution leveraged A.I. to generate and distrubte lead vased on analysis of the customer demographic data. I was also, Lead UX Designer on this initiative.


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