Professional Summary & Skills Matrix

Throughout my career, I have successfully launched over 30+ projects involving a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, government, commercial real estate, and entertainment. These projects ranged from native mobile apps, SaaS products, B2B enterprise-level applications, and AI/Machine Learning platforms.

User Experience Design
Product Design
Business Analysis
Interface Engineering
Cross-Functional Team Leadership
User Journeys & Workflows
Marketing & Branding
Page Layout & Architecture
Product Management & Agile


I don’t always design interfaces, but when I do… They look pretty nice, check them out below. For worflows and user journeys, please contact me to schedule a private showing.

Why I’m a team player…

I ask questions, challenge current processes, leverage users, stakeholders, and developers, and will always learn and adjust approach from the retrospective.

I have had the opportunity to work with Yinnette for over 2 years now and she has impressed me in many ways. Yinnette is very outgoing, personable, and fun. There very few people she couldn't carry a natural conversation with. More impressively Yinnette carries and extremely rare creative mind with her everywhere she goes. You can see this in every product or piece of work she touches. She is able to invent, adopt or absorb others design styles while executing and making them her own. She knows industry design and user experience standards like the back of her hand and can lay the foundation for a scalable product designs and front end code patterns. She is an artist and engineer in one and will make your product just as functional as she will make it beautiful. She can design and develop! I highly recommend Yinnette if you need to deliver high caliber, B2B or B2C SaaS products or applications with a high sense of urgency.

I hired Yinnette into my organization to modernize the skill set of the team and drive the direction of several complicated enterprise problems involving less-than-ideal stakeholders. Yinnette is one of those hard to find UX types often referred to as 'unicorns'. The industry will you tell you they don't exist, but Yinnette is proof. She commands a room, drives design strategy and direction and creates interactive simulated experiences using lo-fi wireframing, hi-fi visual design and in-browser coded experiences. Very few people have the skills Yinnette brings to the table. I'd highly recommend her to any organization.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Yinnette for the past 2 years. Proactive, ambitious, committed and broadminded perfectionist. Yinnette never refuses you when you ask her for help. She is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time. She always takes care of the job. Yinnette possesses a winning combination of solid tech skills and business sense, I learned a great deal from her.

Yinnette has a rare talent for doing great work and being able to do it quickly, a legacy of a background in newspapers. Her range of design skills is really impressive, and she can contribute both in the code and in the design. When you go over to talk to her, she has three instant ideas for the problems you bring her and has prototyped one of them before you have managed to get back to your desk. Yinnette's other secret sauce is making everyone else in her team better. Her energy is infectious. She is cheerful and easygoing and tends to make the teams she works in just that little bit more happy and functional.

Yinnette is a person that inspires conversation and out of the box thinking just by being in the room. I highly recommend her to provide leadership and effectively communicate application design to meet the expected business requirements in any team she is a part of.

Yinnette has an aptitude for aesthetics. Her deep understanding of client needs makes her stand out from the countless UX developers/SMEs on the market. She doesn’t just design and creates something that looks visually pleasing, but he also makes sure the overall UX is streamlined and intuitive.

Final Thoughts…

 I would love to chat about how I can be an ally to your company and what tools and skills I can bring to your UX team that will continue to make your company a leading voice in the User Experience community.

Yinnette Y Olivo
Product & UX Leader

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